Head, Waist and Legs: Some American Gladiator type CORPS figure
Torso: Lars Laser Corps
Arms: Space Corps

Gatling Vipers live by a single creed, "Whoever gets the most lead in the air wins." Unfortunately for the Joes, they have the firepower to make that happen.

This is one of my first painted works, and was put together in about 2000. I used CORPS parts because I wasn't good enough to use my small stash of Joe parts yet. So much has changed...

I found the original figure in the fifty cent bin at a comic shop. It was white and bright orange. I liked the head sculpt, especially the look on his face, and saw the potential for a Cobra heavy weapons guy. I got a bulk deal on CORPS figures, and bought a bunch of them to start out customizing on. Most of the results aren't good enough to post, but I do like this one.

The Gatling gun is from Soldier Force, but I've significantly modified it so that Joes can use it. While the pose that I had to put him in on the scanner isn't all that great, he looks really good posed with the gun.

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