Head: Black Out
Body: Swamp Rat v3
- Helmet: Steel Brigade 6-pack
- Tac-Vest: Gung-Ho v16
- Rifle: Marauder Inc Pulse Rifle
- Knife: Swamp Rat
- Pistol: Firefly v8

File Name: Various
Primary Military Specialty: High Readiness Forces
Secondary Military Specialty: Quick Reaction / Covering Forces
Birthplace: Various
Grade: E-3 (Cobra Corporal) or higher

Viper Commandos and Mambas (Viper Rangers) - together form the Commando Executive within the Cobra Legions. Although the organization is essentially a force-generation and training cadre, the troops of the Executive effectively constitute Cobra's tier three special operations forces.

Whereas the Viper Commandos tend to undertake reconnaissance and special missions, the Mambas tend to operate as more of a high readiness 'fire brigade'. Cobra maintains several companies of Green Mambas as a strategic Quick Reaction Force (QRF) to deal with crises where Cobra interests are threatened and require a kinetic ground response. Often Green Mamba elements are also forward-deployed as a QRF in case Cobra conventional forces encounter trouble and require immediate reinforcement or as a covering force for their extraction or withdrawal. Cobra also maintains a company of Black Mambas who function as a QRF for and are interoperable with the tier two SPEAR-Viper special operations troops.

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