Head: modified HEAT-Viper v2
rest of body: Lanard Corps figures

A late submission into the customs database, Hi-Q was my entry to NJC#59 - Human Form Transformers.

I never thought I would even participate in any NJC challenges, but sometimes, the timing's just perfect.

Just weeks before the NJC was announced, I bought two loose robots over at ebay that I was hoping to use with my customs. A blue Baikanfu robot and a red Gordian robot. At the time I originally wanted to make the Baikanfu robot into my version of the Cobra SNAKE armor, but decided to convert it into a Powermaster Prime for NJC#59 instead.

The robot armor was customized first, followed by the pilot figure, which I mentally debated before submission whether to call him Hi-Q or Ginrai, and ended up using Hi-Q.

Overall, I'm quite satisfied with the pilot/robot custom. And I hope you all like it too.

(now to get ideas for the red Gordian one... :) Most probably make it a ninja robot)

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