Head: Fred VII Cobra Commander
Torso: Recondo
Arms: Charbroil
Waist: Dial-tone
Legs: Crimson Guard

This would be my first attempt on molding a whole part from scratch - in this case, the figure's helmet, specifically, M.A.S.K.'s Brad Turner's Hocus-Pocus helmet.

I didn't like calling the figure "Specialist Turner" so I used his helmet's name as his codename.

I never thought I'd make a M.A.S.K. custom aside from my Major (Miles) Mayhem custom, but when I got the transforming motorcycle, I knew I had to make Brad Turner.

Anyway, because of that I got over my hesitance to create a mold from scratch. So I guess this custom did me good.

Paint job's a little rushed, and the figure got played by the kids right after the paint job, and I didn't have time to retouch several areas, so I'm posting this as is.

I also included a photo of my Brad Turner v1 figure, where I originally used Dial-Tone's torso. But the end result didn't seem right, so I switched torsos.

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