Head: NS Destro
Torso, right arm, right leg: Star Wars- Magnaguard Droid
Left arm, left foot: Iron Man- Inferno Mission Iron Man
Right hand, lower back, right foot: Star Wars- Battle Droid
Left hand: ???


My inclusion of the Centurions toy lines is a blatant steal from Hemble Creations' fantastic customs. Hacker completes the set.

Like my Doc Terror custom, here I'm re-imagining Hacker from the Centurions toy line as a "Now a Joe" character. He's not a villain, but a poor custodian at Stark Industries forced to wear partial Centurions armor following a devastating janitorial mishap. Probably the same one that injured Doc Terror, since Hacker's limbs are a reversal of Doc Terror's. Hacker's totally destroyed arm and leg are replaced with wiry robotic parts supplied by Star Wars figures.

Colors & Painting:

Based on the Kenner action figure, plus a green metallic wash. Wild eyes show that he's not wired right.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The head/neck were glued to the torso. The lower portion of the neck and the lump of side flesh are sculpted. The Battle Droid hand and foot were glued to the Magnaguard limbs.

Thanks for looking.

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