Head: Vintage Dino Rider Hammerhead
Torso, upper arms: 25th Rock & Roll
Lower arms: Hydra Soldier (Captain America 1st movie)
Legs: RoC Neo-Viper
Vest: Roc Elite Viper

Launched by Tyco in 1988, Dino-Riders combined everything that kids loved: Dinosaurs, lasers, heroes and evil creatures. In the series, the heroic Valorians, led by Questar, try to escape the evil Rulons, led by Krulos, by travelling to prehistoric Earth. Unfortunately, they are pursued by the Rulons and the war continues. Each side uses dinosaurs as weapons and an arms race develops. Each episode brought a new dino into the mix.

The show lasted only 14 episodes and the toy line got 4 series. However, series 2, 3 and ''Ice Age'' were produced in very low numbers and are now very rare. It's surprising that it was not a bigger hit. I was 11 when the TV show and toy line were launched. I loved the show and got a couple of the toys - the Ankylosaurus and the Monoclonius.

The Sharkurrs and their commander Hammerhead served as the engineers for Krulos' forces. They also commanded the ''heavy artillery'' dinosaurs like triceratops. When I built and painted this figure, I used elements from the TV show and the toys to create a hybrid look.

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