Parts list
Head: John Armijo firefly with Wild Bill helmet glued on
Torso: Retaliation Firefly
Arms: Nick Fury figure
Legs: Resolute Zartan figure
Lower Legs: hiss Driver

C.O.P.S. -Central Organization of Police Specialists - was an animated television series and toy line released in 1988. The show revolved around the ongoing struggle between the C.O.P.S. led by Baldwin ''Bulletproof'' Vess and Big Boss' criminal empire - CROOKS.

The toy line was comprised of characters that shared ''DNA'' with GI Joe. Several characters re-used Joe names like Mainframe, Mace and Longarm. One character was actually Beachhead's son and the figures themselves had similar construction to ARAH Joes.

Highway by bucky

I loved the cartoon c.o.p.s! The toys were fantastic as well, and the sculpts on them were mean and fierce looking. I think they were done by Bart Sears.

I honestly never had any figures of my own of them though. I played with some my friends owned, and my brother owned some as well. The only one I distinctly remember was Highway and his sled, which is why I chose it for the project. What to do on the sled? That was a tough one, until Jman from D&J toys came up with a 3D sculpt of the sled which I used, modified with some bars off a cobra glider.
The figure was challenging for me in getting the parts gathered up and flowing correctly.

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