Head: HACKS blank
Headset: Clone Wars Obiwan w/ clear packaging visor
Hands: Thor
Torso: MIB
Legs: IG-88

Keyboard: keychain, Star Trek build-a-bridge piece

Female: Mego Black Hole waist with female HACKS blank lower, Sghetti String tubing, Legos, and styrene tube

Males: Kwinn waists, MIB legs, medical droid torso, Hotwheels engine, and styrene tube

This was made for NJC #93 JoeCustoms Rocks. Half my daughter's Christmas wishlist was robots. I was showing her different kinds of real robots and played the RockIt music video. I was right about her age when it originally aired and it blew my mind. Today, animatronic robots are being phased out for either CGI or adaptive AI with facial recognition and geolocating software. For the RockIts here, I tried to portray them as still being animatronic, but modernized and untethered from the hydraulic system or hard-lined CPU. Those are replaced with servos and actuators in the joints and stabilizers and sensors connected to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to allow for autonomous movement.

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