Head - Scoop
Torso - Recoil
Arms - Dial-Tone
Waist - Shockwave
Upper legs - Hardball
Lower legs - Custom cast

All accessories - Marauder Inc.

Hat Trick was a created-to-die character who appeared in IDW G.I. Joe issues 8 and 9, alongside Six-Gun. Both were ripped to pieces by a mechanical monstrosity deep in a dark dungeon. They have nice designs though, so I wanted to replicate them as best as I could. Hat Trick has a pretty basic design, but I wanted to get knee and elbow pads on him similar to his comic appearance, and the helmet and goggle combination from Marauder Inc. is very close to what it should look like. I gave both characters M4 carbines, since the number of accessories available to modify them allows them to have distinctive weapons even though they're the same base.

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