Head and Body: Bossfight with some sculpting

Dungeons & Dragons was a great 80s cartoon where a group of young friends are transported from an amusement part ride to the realm of Dungeons & Dragons. They spend the entire series aided by Dungeon Master attempting to find their way home.

The group consists of Hank (The Ranger) who is 15 and is given a magic energy bow that shoots glowing arrows, Eric (The Cavalier) also 15 is given a magic shield, Diana (The Acrobat) 14 years old is given a magic staff, Presto (The Magician) 14 years old is given a magic hat that allows him to cast spells, Sheila (The Thief) 13 years old is given the cloak of invisibility, and Bobby the Barbarian is the youngest at 9 years old and is also Sheila's younger brother is given a club and is joined by a baby unicorn he names Uni. Dungeon Master is the wise advisor and mentor of the group.

This group was quite challenging to make as I wanted them to be true to kid size and those types of bodies just aren't readily available in this scale. Overall I'm pleased with how they turned out.

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