Head: Aero-Viper
Torso: Sub Zero
Arms: Crystal Ball
Thigh (r): Road Pig
Thigh (l): Corps!
Feet: Dr. Mindbender
Waist: Road Pig/Predator figure

Backpack/rifle: Spirit
Arm launcher: Road Pig
Bow: Unknown Ninja

This is how I see Hawkeye fitting into my Joeverse: Sometimes, there's a need for silent-ops archery. Not very often, though. So when he's not shooting people full of arrows, you'll find him helping out with some strong-arm tactics, enforcement, & intimidating interrogation -- probably due to his love for bladed weapons.

Hawkeye is also proficient in long range explosives, and is an innovative inventor, which culminates in a wide variety of 'trick' arrows & explosive flechettes.

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