Head: Coil Crusher
Torso: Dr. Mindbender
Arms: Barbecue
Waist: CORPS!
Legs: Airtight

"HYDRA, a ruthless terrorist organization out to rule the world!"

No one knows for sure who the 'goons' are who make up the generic ranks of the HYDRA organization: Are they Human? Cyborg? Android? Only the upper echelon of the group would know for sure. What is known about the troopers is that they are ruthless, vicious, and fatalistically loyal.

Their fanaticism for the HYDRA ideal is legendary, and is purported to be one of the main reasons Cobra Commander ordered the first Brainwashing Machine from Dr. Mindbender; quote Cobra Commander, "If they won't worship me on their own, I will make them!"

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