Head: Chap Mei Soldier Force
Torso: Buzzer (modified)
Arms: Recondo
Waist: Flint (modified)
Legs: Tiger Force Lifeline
Sniper rifle: Comic Pack Tunnel Rat
FAMAS rifle: Dusty
Knife: 2002 Lifeline
Backpack: Battle Corps Wild Bill

Hammer here is the first of my ongoing project to remake some of Lanard's better Corps character designs into Joe figures.
Hammer is pretty much my absolute favorite Corps character. As a young boy (circa 1996-1997), my GIJoe team was minuscule, so when the Corps figures came out around that era, I was overjoyed. I bought a whole bunch, Fox replaced Hawk as my leader and Hammer became the Flint/Duke of my team. As such, I've kept a soft spot for him.

The parts all seemed to work perfectly together, and matched the designs of the original Lanard figure quite well. It helped too that the colors of the chest and arms and of the waist and legs (even the belt and boots!) matched each other very nicely.

As far as physical modifications to the parts went, I sanded off the police badge on Buzzer's torso, and fixed up the waist. Flint's waist is very "deep", which meant the torso really sank into it and looked stocky. So I filled out the inside of the waist with epoxy putty to raise up the torso. Worked like a charm.

The accessories were pretty obvious choices. The original Hammer came with a generic sniper rifle, and cheap copies of Dusty's rifle and Flint's backpack. The recent sniper rifle included with CP Tunnel Rat was the ideal update for his, and the Dusty FAMAS was an obvious choice. Since the torso lacked the torso strap with the knife, I went with a backpack that could hold a knife. Hammer's bio mentioned he's a skilled knife fighter as well so I thought it was an obvious choice to give him a useable knife.

Overall, I'm very satisfied with how he turned out. The figure is fully playable, quite durable and very cool looking.

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