Head: Pit Viper (modded)
Torso: Kamakura (modded)
Waist and shirt extension: General Abernathy (modded)
Arms: Tunnel Rat (swivel wrists added)
Upper legs: Scalpel
Lower legs: Tunnel Rat

Winner of the NJC # 7.

This is one of the nice parts about the No-Joe-challenge: it gives a reason to make characters you might not otherwise give the time to make. So when Hydra came up for the NJC I had a reason to make a foot soldier (thanks, Adrien).

The Hydra Foot Soldier character is similar to the Cobra Viper. What a great army builder a figure like this would make.

I think Hydra would fit in great in the Joe universe too. I'm pretty happy with this custom.

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