Head: JFAK Custom Cast
Torso, Arms: 25th Roadblock
Legs: 25th Gung Ho, with RB Pouch
Right Hand of Doom: JFAK Cast
Coat: Killuminati
Belt is 25th webgear with shoulder straps cut off.

*Thanks to Killa for the gun suggestion and Hypno for filling the order! (Destro)

This was my entry for the NJC #23 Fabulous February Fun Fest -- I missed the deadline for getting him into #22 BPRD. He was my first idea for a 25th custom, and he turned out really well as far as I'm concerned. I've had that Hellboy head and hand sitting around for at least two years waiting for the right inspiration to finish him -- I would guess that a big thank you needs to go to Dark Horse for pulling BPRD out of his hat!

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