JFAK Cast Sue Storm head
Lady Jaye body, modified and sculpted

The Jones family is certainly a talented one. Jardin was a top notch fighter pilot before receiving a dishonorable discharge from the U.S. Armed Forces for classified reasons. While his skills with his planes in the air were not debatable, neither are his half-sister Jessica's skills with the planes on the ground.

Jessica Jones was born to work on engines of all makes and sizes. After her mom passed away as a child, she never left her father's side. She helped her dad rebuild the engine on his "baby" (a '57 Chevy) at the age of 9 (helped is a debatable description, as by all accounts it was her job, but for the heavy lifting), and she couldn't be taken from out of the garage in her down time thereafter. Jessica's father came from a long line of world class aviators, and just as it didn't take Jardin long to nab a seat in the cockpit of his father's planes, it didn't take Jessica long to find her way around the hangar and the engines from the Jones' fleet either.

By the time she graduated high school, Jessica Jones had been trained (and where necessary, licensed) for the repair of so many varieties of jets, prop planes, and vehicle engines, that she lost count. It was clear she was a savant of sorts, and quickly rose to the top of the Jones' World Famous Aviators hangar team.

Jessie, as her half-brother calls her, was 21 when the Cobra wars were ending, and MEDUSA began to show itself off as a global force, controlling nearly one third of the nations of the world, directly by force, or indirectly by treaty, alliance or pact. That was the same year that older brother Jardin received his discharge, and tragically, the same year their father, Jackson Jones, perished in a aviation "accident" for which his own negligence was blamed. Jardin, through his own sources (most notably his close friend and then Special Forces Op, Tristan Knight) learned that the crash was most likely the result of a MEDUSA attack).

Shortly thereafter, once Tristan Knight became fully entrenched in the new EXCAL organization, Jardin signed on to be his personal civilian pilot (he was later signed on formally to EXCAL as well). Feeling helpless and alone, Jessica enlisted in the Air Force thinking that she should not waste her talents in time of war. Jardin was furious at his sister for taking this route, and with some help from his friend (now known as Knighthawk) Jessie's transfer to EXCAL, and to Knighthawk's team, was secured.

The codename Heartbreaker works on many different levels. As a teenager, she drew attention from many boys for obvious reasons, but even the best of her suitors could not pull her away from her true love for long. She broke many hearts who could not overcome their jealousy of Jessica's true passion. Now, as an adult, she has reached a certain compromise in life, as she allows herself many short romances, but still has shown little interest in committing to any one man. Her "short romances" aka one-night stands have given her a bit of a reputation among the EXCAL "enlisted" types, though her reputation (like that of her hard partying brother) seems to bother her not. It helps explain why she dresses as she does, though in her defense, the outfit below was meant to be worn while at the off duty club in the EXCAL main base, Camelot, located in a classified (perhaps even mobile) locale. But Heartbreaker was having a bad day, and didn't even get out of the hatch of the Knighthawk's Talon before learning that repairs would be needed pronto, for an early morning mission that would require the airship's services. Thus, we see here, Jessica Jones, as she appeared during a break from her repairs.

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