Head: Styrene tubes and a 1x1 red lego piece
Neck, lower torso, and leg, styrene tubes
Upper torso: Clone Wars trooper
Arms: Star Wars Build a Droid L8-L9
Waist: Jelly Belly bottle cap and jet model exhaust
Base: inside of a VAMP wheel
Wheels: airsoft bb's

H.E.L.P.eR. is the robot that Dr. Jonas Venture created to help take care of his son Rusty Venture. Dr. Rusty Venture now uses the robot to look after his own children, Dean and Hank. A task he takes very serious. For some reason he has some emotional issues, they may stem from his constant destruction and reassembly.

He is armed with guns, blades, torches, and even a gyro copter. He can fly and repair the Venture X-1 aircraft. He only speaks and beeps.

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