Head: Ken Masters '93 (red)
Body: Big Boa '87 (modified)
Arms: Big Boa '87
Waist: Croc Master '87 (modified)
Upper legs, upper part of lower legs: Big Boa '87
Lower part of lower legs: Ice Viper '87
Axe: Dreadnok Battle Axe '88, Snake Eyes '89 Nunchuk and some ninja sword handle (modified)

The head was nearly perfect. I just had to paint the eyes and eyebrows black and repaint the skin.
I sanded down the spikes on the body. Then I just put some small parts of Green Stuff on there and after it hardened, I cut everything that didn't look like the needed squares + cross with an exacto-knife.
I also sanded off a few details from Croc Master's waist, added some green stuff and tried to create some texture to make it look hairy.
Big Boa's legs were perfect. No detailed signs of clothing, but tight muscular legs. I just had to find matching lower legs. Ice Viper had a nice pair so I had to amputate both figs their lower legs. Never seen or tried this before, but it came out pretty nice. A little Green Stuff to make it look smooth and then it was ready for painting!

Painting the skin took three layers of Elf Flesh.

The axe was cut from the Motorized Action Pack, the Dreadnok Battle Axe. The grip was from some ninja sword, I believe from a new sculpt fig. The small ball on the top is from the Snake Eyes V3 three-piece nunchuck. Sanded down the tiny spikes and glued it on the axe. The details on the axe itself were pretty tricky. I traced (copied?) the lines on the axe from the original and dremeled them into the axe.

This was my first entry from the NJC #48: Masters of the Universe

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