Whole Body: RAH Gung-Ho

NAME: Gecco Project.
FILE NUMBER: 765-20091207-456-OFYE
SECURITY CODE: Alpha-Blanco.

Research 01: "Imperial Renaissance"
In 1940 the Spanish Government raises an army division formed by a line of soldiers descendants of the Imperial Guard donated by Fernando, Head of the Holy Roman Empire, after the abdication of Charles I, in his nephew Philip II, who had served the kings until the Second Spanish Republic. Using an Arab grimoire of the ninth-century composed Al-A-Khem "El Sevillano" develop improvements in these subjects. Research by Spanish scientists are hidden when the largest religious organization of that time rises on the General Franco Government. There is only one word spoken in whispers throughout the scientific community: SARCONIUM

Research 02: "X-Weapon"
In the 1970 starts in a hidden place a project to develop altered-human weapons. Dr. Windsor-Smith is the project manager. His purpose is increaising human strength and endurance through the introduction of heavy and virtually indestructible metals. After years of research, the result is negative: adamantium injection only can be carried out on genetically altered subjects.

Research 03: "Lab Rat"
In the next decade, Dr. Nicola Bohr developed a scientific theory according to which a chain of atoms could replace the human nervous tissue. The basis of his theory are a few bundles found in Spain that talked about a metal with behavior similar to living tissue. The scientific community rejects their theories and Dr. Bohr relegated to ostracism that drives him to suicide in 1988.

Research 04: "Project Future"
In the 1990s, research on adamantium was recovered to develop human prosthesis. The results are quite positive, revolutionizing medical science. The future begins.

Research 05: "Gecco Project"
NATO brings together some scientists to develop prosthetic human parts to respond to nerve impulses. Gathering the results of the above mentioned projects the Gecco Team conducts their research over 110 volunteer soldiers irrecoverably injured. Only 2 survived.

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