Head, Arms: Armored Cobra Commander
Torso: Lanard Corps Steve Wyoming
Waist: Lanard Corps Crusher McClosky
Legs: Lanard Corps Hat Trick

My IRONCLAD custom was previously submitted to JoeCustoms as part of the Robot Rebellion group project.

[see Robot Rebellion group project]

I updated the figure because I wasn't satisfied with the first result. In the previous submission, you will notice that Ironclad had this gold ring painted on his chest. I designed the figure following Iron Man's design at the time, and the circle on the chest just didn't seem to give the output that I wanted.

This time around, I'm satisfied with the paint changes on the chest, done like it was supposed to be in the first place.

Oh yeah, the head is an Armored Cobra Commander head, switched around, and his face puttied to simulate a new mask.

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