Head: 25A Shipwreck
Torso: 25A Quick Quick
Arms: 25A Roadblock
Hands: NS Roadblock
Legs: NS Televiper
Sash: Marvel Universe- Psylocke


Ivan would have been a figure in Mego's Eagle Force, but the toy company collapsed. The parts came together as the leftovers of my Khan custom. The figure really isn't big enough to be a "giant", but still maintains the feel of the original design. Placing the tiny Shipwreck head high on the neck helps the other parts of the body look a bit bulkier than they really are.

Colors & Paint:

The Paul Kirchner artwork for Ivan is black & white, with no indication of where the colors might have gone. Cossack uniforms, according to a quick check of the internet, paired black trousers and brown boots with red or blue shirts. Since there's no shirt on Ivan, I used red for the sash along the waistline and the wrist wraps. The sculpting for the ushanka (fur cap) didn't look furry enough, so I painted streaks on the sides, and dots on top to simulate the pattern and direction of the coat.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The top of the Shipwreck head was removed and replaced with a sculpted ushanka. Shipwreck's beard was also removed and replaced with a longer, bushier one. The top of the neck post was removed to better fit the socket in the head.

The ridiculously oversized NS Roadblock arms were my first choice, but even with modifying they wouldn't fit into the sockets. I chopped off the NS Roadblock hands (to use the wrist wraps) and glued them to the 25A arms. The elbows were fixed in place to make a more streamlined look for the musculature.

The upper right leg had to be slightly adjusted to fit into the leg socket.

The backpack hole and thigh holes were filled.

Thanks for looking.

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