Head: NS Ace
Chest/back: NS Tunnel Rat
Arms: NS Croc Master
Waist: The Incredible Hulk- Hulkbuster (NS Bazooka body)
Upper Legs: NS Snake-Eyes (armored ninja version)
Lower Legs: Swamp Rat


Ice Storm has been released twice, once as hard-to-find Ross exclusive and once as an expensive GI Joe Collectors' Club figure. This is my take on the character. He's wearing a drysuit for cold water rescue operations under a vest. The challenge with NS figures is to find parts that combine to make a realistically proportioned figure. The overall design is based on the drysuits worn by Navy and Coast Guard rescue divers.

Colors & Paints:

The black/silver stripe/red color set from the factory figures is part of Ice Storm's signature look, so it was used on the vest. Likewise, the blue from the Ross version's gloves looked good, so I used it for the custom's gear. The orange was used for the drysuit helps the other colors pop.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The pulled-down hood of the drysuit was sculpted around the neck. The silver stripe on the vest is an added, raised element. The shoulder sockets were reworked to accept the arms.

Thanks for looking.

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