Head: ROC Ice Viper w/ Star Wars- General Grevious toes added as teeth
Neck post: 25A Destro (IG uniform)
Chest/back: NS 2004 Cobra Commander
Arms: NS Cobra Coils
Waist: NS Heavy Water
Upper legs: 25A Serpentor
Upper legs: Resolute Roadblock
Push molds of ROC Ice VIper and ROC Para-Viper


I finished my Centurions project and am winding down my MASK/VENOM and Eagle Force/RIOT lines. It was time to go after GI Joe Extreme and Sgt. Savage, I guess...

Made of bulky NS and 25A parts, here is Iron Klaw. Iron Klaw's biggest elements are all intact. The beret, goofy mask with mandibles/teeth, oversized muscles, and skull shoulder guard are stupid, but they define the character. The GI Joe Collectors' Club put out a pretty solid Iron Klaw, except for the head. I tried to blend elements of the three different GI Joe Extreme Iron Klaw heads.

Colors & Painting:

The uniform color is midnight blue, with several washes of black. Just enough blue peaks through to give it some depth. Likewise, the head is actually grey with several washes of warm white.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The beret, neck inset, torso extension, and leg straps are sculpted. The neck post is cast. The pouches and the shoulder skull are push molds. Because the shoulders and flipped-up collar are ridiculously oversized (they are NS, after all), I sculpted the beret just a bit on the large size to match them. This also works well with the large "teeth" on the mask, which are toes from General Grevious.

Thanks for looking.

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