Head - HISS Driver
Arms - Baroness v2
Torso - Crimson Guard v6
Waist, legs - Tomax/Xamot

Submachine gun - Marauder Inc.
Sword - Kamakura

This figure started out as an idea to do some kind of Viper officer using Tomax/Xamot legs, and eventually evolved into what you see here. I decided to make him an individual character instead of a trooper. With the Crimson Guard torso and HISS Driver head, he clearly started in the Cobra ranks as a Siegie (in their first comic appearance Siegies were drawn to resemble HISS Drivers), and I figure he now occupies a role similar to that of Snake-Eyes on the Joe team. His name is inspired by Cobra de Aco, which means Steel Cobra in Portuguese. In combat I imagine him with very precise, controlled movements.

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