Head: DTC Interrogator
Torso, arms, backpack: 25th Crimson Guard
Legs: ROC Destro
Feet: 25th Snake Eyes v3

We included Interrogator in our Resurgence 3 (2016) project. In our story, he, along with a team of other Cobra agents, was in Brazil to defend a secret Cobra base from GI Joe and the Iron Grenadiers. Bringing him back for our Night Force project was a late decision. He felt like a natural fit for our Cobra Shadow Brigade and I have always used him as the leader of the Crimson Shadow Guard in my Joe-verse. The Shadow Guard is the small unit that occupies the secret police and Intelligence gathering functions within Cobra.

For the custom, I wanted to emphasize his role in the Shadow Guard, so I started with a Crimson Guard torso and arms. I gave him a dark color scheme without going all-black.

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