Head - Muskrat (Battle Corps)
Torso - Major Bludd (Funskool)
Arms - Sure Fire v2
Hands - BBI
Waist - Spearhead
Legs - Lifeline

Gun - Darklon
Night Vision Goggles - Sand Viper

Ice Burn
Cobra Polar Night Ops
File name: Brian Kauffman
Primary Military Specialty: Night Ops
Secondary Military Specialty: Naval Assault
Place of Birth: Nightmute, Alaska
Ice Burn is a former Navy SEAL. He was dishonorably discharged, though no one is sure exacty what for, several years ago. After that, he went dark for a couple of years, then turned up knocking on Cobra's door. With his military experience he was able to forgo the basic Viper training and pick a specialized unit. Where he comes from, it's dark nearly half the year, so he went into the Night Viper program. After one tour as a NV, we was recruited into the Snow Serpents, where his blend of skills were greatly needed. His SEAL training qualified him as an Eel, which is prerequisite to joining the Snow Serpents. A favorite of the SS commander, Snow Wolf, Ice Burn was given a unique code name and uniform, and is sent on many of the toughest ops. Most of Cobra's polar ops have been against military installations, which really seems to please Ice Burn. It is believed that he is in this game for the adrenaline of combat, and that he may not be completely converted to the Cobra cause. His choices of assignments has kept him well-clear of Cobra Island and the scrutiny of higher ranking officers. It is unclear how he will react in a civilian targeted operation.

This is the land ops Eel version of Ice Burn. When I put the parts for this figure together, I was really hesitant to proceed. They just seemed off. But I went ahead with it and dyed the body, and I am glad I went with my gut, becasue I really like the results.

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