Head: KOTCS Indiana Jones
Neck: Cast from KOTCS Indiana Jones
Torso: Good To Go customs Tuxedo Torso
Arms/Waist/Legs: Viper Lockdown Joe Colton
Flower: sculpted

I am expecting that the Temple of Doom Indy figure that is due out in September will be a shredded shirt version from the end of the film. Hasbro have hinted that there may be an Indy in suit coming next year, but I am not holding my breath for either that or an official version of this figure.

I bought two of the tuxedo torsos from the old Good To Go site last year before it shut down and became Tri-Gate. I had an idea of what to use them for, but never got around to it. I was going through a parts box looking for body parts to make a new series Doctor Who Davros custom, and came across the arms legs and torso that I had put together. Just looking at it, I immediately thought: Club Obi-Wan Indy! I had a spare head from a Crystal Skull Indy. Rather than sculpt a neck, I made a mold of and cast the neck and ball from the KOTCS Indy and used epoxy clay to make it sit in the neck hole on the torso. The head just needed the hair repainted. I lost the hip articulation when I extended the jacket from the waist, but I am still happy with the result. The flower is just a blob of modeling putty striated for the petals.

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