Head: Windmill
Chest: Windmill
Left arm: Overkill v1
Right arm: Windmill
Waist: Mainframe v1(modified)
Upper Legs: Stalker v2 (modified)
Lower Legs: Dodger v1


LUGAR DE NACIMIENTO: Clasificado Alpha-Blanco

Tal vez haya que "corregir" las reticencias del General.

Codename: IRON ARM, AGENT-ZERO, IS-110
File Name: Classified Alpha-Blanco (Pseudonym: Christopher North)
PLACE OF BIRTH: Classified Alpha-Blanco RANGE: O-3 (Captain)
Militar Speciality 1:Helicopters Pilot
Militar Speciality 2: Helicopter Combat Operator
Militar Speciality 3: Pilot MCA's (Mechanized Combat Armor) IS-110 has completely assimilated the new status of life after the "Gecco Process." The injuries suffered after the last assault on COBRA Island put him away from the service. We have completely rebuilt his left arm, providing it with a disruptor that transforms their nerve impulses into PE projectiles (electromagnetic pulse).
Gecco Arm has a link to connect to the new MCA in order to drive these combat armor. He can be the first in a long series of pilots if we can overcome the failure rate of 90% currently suffer. Psychologically, the subject has accepted the changes with no apparent problems but we recommend that after his return to G (classified)has to continue treatment with the psychologist of the base.
He has accepted a new identity but the general H (classified) does not trust in him

Maybe we have to "correct" the reluctance of the general.

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