Parts list:
Helmet: Comic pack Lady Jaye.
Head: His face is never shown in the movie, so I will let you guess ;)
Arms: Track Viper v1.
Torso: Gung Ho v2.
Waist: Dial-tone sonic fighter.
Legs: Zandar.

Leg gun: RoC Baroness
Gun: Accesory pack Bludd's gun.

Watched the movie last year and the character had grown on me. I was never happy with Stallone's version of the character but I loved how Karl Urban performed.

Judge Joseph Dredd will be reinforcing the urban division of my Joe team, fighting against Cobra and criminal syndicates like the Headhunters, the Joker, Shadaloo and others.

His bike and other Judges are a nice idea that I would like to attempt in the future.

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