Head: Cast from ?
Torso: SW - Padme
Waist: same, but modded with a metal Joe T-Bar
Arms: Avatar soldier
Legs: Mix of Ms. Marvel and X-23
Coat: Jedi
Mech arm: Generator Rex

Of all the wars fought, or still being fought, between or by the Two Kingdoms, the war still raging between the Kingdom of Avalonia and the Zelotes is the least publicized of all.

Perhaps this is simply because the battles have been fought on planets at the furthest reaches of the Fringe Worlds. More likely it is because of the sensitive political implications of the Avalonians hoping to silence the last remnants of Old Earth's powerful old religious infrastructures.

In any event, the old saying that "On the Fringe, there are no heroes" has definitely held true.

The only real reports to ever be re-told usually involve a regiment of the King's Army known as the Dragoons. The Dragoons are a ragtag lot of soldiers most often viewed not fit for regular service. Some are conscripted, some are petty criminals, others are themselves the leftovers of quelled revolts. No matter the reason a man joins the Dragoons, the cause for which they fight thereafter remains one and the same: Freedom. For any ordinary Dragoon who scores his weight in confirmed kills is granted an early and immediate release from service, which is otherwise set for life.

Joan, conscripted from the war-torn Fringe world colony of Arcadia, is no "ordinary" Dragoon. She is the only female in her regiment, sure. But what makes her so unique is her dedication to her craft. Joan has already amassed kills thrice the count of her weight, yet she has declined her release from service thrice as well. For Joan has felt a calling, the likes of which only the Zelotes she slaughters could have even the slightest appreciation for.

Joan has earned the nickname "The Purifier", though in truth that is what she has named the giant mechanical arm/blade with which she purifies the souls of those she fights.

So convinced is she, that her cause is the righteous and just one, that she has shed all but the most essential of her armor and armament, trusting with blind faith in the justice which her mechanical arm will wield.

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