POC Firefly-head
ROC Rex-head(modified)
POC Alley Viper-torso and arms
25th Matt Tracker-webgear
Star Wars Boba Fett-backpack
50th Night Viper-upper legs
Retaliation Kamakura-lower legs
Guns-Star Wars

This figure was made for NJC #85 Dr. Bindy's Cantina.

Jorgus is a bounty hunter who occasionally tracks a mark to the Cantina. The room falls silent when he enters the doorway. The silence is usually followed by someone getting up and running out the back. Nine times out of ten, Jorgus lets them go and quickly stuns and apprehends the true bounty. He then hog ties them and proceeds to have a few beers, alone in a darkened corner, before proceeding with delivery and collection.

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