head - unknown wwe jakks
body - urban strike snake eyes
feet- arctic snake eyes
added ports - kamakura belts
heavy mortar - desert long range
chest gun - eod tunnel rat - peg added
missile shield - MOTU icaerus peg added
jake rockwell gun
flint modular machinegun and launcher - peg added
helmet - grandslam with face shield from inferno

Mega Marines - Land Centurion - Jake Rockwell


When the GIJOE Proving grounds where under attack, 3 retired military advisors where on site aiding in the power armor development. Once it was revealed that Doc Terror was among the Cabal involved with the Lunar TerrorDrome all three volunteered their aid in all aspects of the mission to neutralize this threat. Jake Rockwell is all too familiar with the chaos spread by Doc Terror and Hacker. As career Marine he wanted to be on the frontline of the assault and few have his in depth experience with the power armor, dealing with on the fly alterations, failures and improvisations.

Jake Rockwell replaces 1993 Mega Marines GungHo

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