Arms and torso: HACKS wood elf custom kit
Hands: HACKS black knight custom kit
Gauntlets: Minimates Loki
Legs: HACKS Felonious
Head: Corps! head
Cape: Thor's Hogun
Crossbow: Remco American Defense crossbow.
Belt and sheath: Clone Wars snow bunny Padme
Knife: 25th Outback

I'd already mocked up the wagon, but wasn't planning on adding a driver. I got the HACKs parts in and started fiddling with them. While trying to come up with a purpose for the combo of parts I liked, I used the head to show my kid how thermal plastic works. In the process, I accidently got a glob of it stuck on the head while showing how to test fit and the more I tried to remove it or fix it, the worse it became. I decided to sculpt a farmer's straw hat using my finger prints to form a crosshatching on it. I honestly don't know if I subconsciously was making him the driver, but once I put him altogether it was obvious I was making a character who could blend into the background of any scene or stand front and center next to the adventurers.

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