Head: Stuntmaster Jackie Chan
Torso, Arms, Legs: Pathfinder V.1
Waist: Sgt. Slaughter

The Jackie Chan Stuntmaster toy line was a set of Burger King toys that were released to support Jackie's Saturday Morning cartoon. I loved the head sculpt on this - it's a bit cartoony, but it looked so good that I bought the toy, cracked it open and took the head. The painting is pretty simple; I painted over the bizarre camo on the legs, but left the rest unpainted. I picked the torso/waist because the vest and belt are similar to what he was wearing in the badly dubbed "Inspector Chan" flicks.

Originally I was going to cut the head ball and glue it on, however, I found that with a little tweaking with the x-acto knife, the head swiveled and fit perfectly.

Jackie provides the ultimate training in improvised weapons training. You never know when you'll be alone with nothing to defend yourself but a bench, a coat rack and a raw fish...

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