Head: Spy Troops Depth Charge with sculpted helmet and sculpted chin
Body: 25th Anniversary Roadblock
Eagle Shoulder Pad: Sculpted
Left Shoulder Pad: Sculpted with styrene sheet
Elbow/Knee Pads: Sculpted and cast
Belt Pouches: cast from MU Punisher belt
Badge and Belt Buckle: Printed onto vinyl inkjet paper and stuck onto styrene sheet
Lawgiver MkII: Trigate Creations

When the NJC #43 was announced, I was initially reluctant to enter, having made a set of 55 Judge Dredd figures three years ago. Then JoeMichaels suggested that I make a 25th Anniversary version. Something clicked in my mind. Why not go back to the roots of the character and try and make it better. After a lot of soul searching I came up with the combination of the Depth Charge head I used on the original, but this time go with a 25th Roadblock figure as the base.

I went through a lot of my Dredd collection before I even started this figure. In the end, I decided to go with an amalgamation of looks, but veer more towards the first few years of 2000AD, when the eagle pad and shoulder pads were a lot smaller and far more manageable. That is why he does not look quite as grim as in the modern comics. The chin has changed drastically over the years, from normal looking to completely flat from chin to nose with a tiny mouth. I also went with the black shirt and trousers over the more recent dark blue look.

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