Head: Quick-Kick
Torso: Sci-Fi
Arms: Sneak Peek
Waist: Voltar
Legs: Spearhead

Here's another one from my earliest customs in my LBC box that finally got painted, and posted.

The idea for this figure started from having too much Quick-Kick heads, and it was created just around the time Marvel Comics' killed off Quick-Kick, and I decided to make (identical) brothers for Quick-Kick.

I made two brothers for Quick-Kick, Gizmo, which was completed and posted much much earlier here in joecustoms, and Kamikaze.

While his brother Gizmo has managed to accept Quick-Kick's death, Kamikaze still hasn't, which has resulted in him becoming partly suicidal and careless.

From that concept I imagined him as a pilot, and the name followed, and the rest is history.

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