head - snake eyes
body - firefly v1

krake -
mask - trimmed down breather mask from jungle snake eyes + gas mask from crime boss destro
belt - zartan
cobra commander knife
tunnelrat pistol
shockblast smg

Crimson Commander -
helmet - sigma strike duke trimmed + part of cobra commander skirt
vest - lt stone + sigil off a battle stand
pants - crime boss destro
launcher - battlefield cobra commander
grieves - lt stone

93 Crimson (Guard) Commander - Krake

During the Coil/Cobra Civil War a power vacuum was created when Cobra Commander fell, The Cabal Council chose that a new Commander needed to be crowned. A contest was started to choose the next Commander. Several of the established Inner Circle rallied support and favor for the position. Baroness, Destro, Major Bludd, Firefly... no one expected the Wildcard.. a relative unknown rank and file trooper named Krake would dominate the rankings early on. Krake eliminated Joes, Red Shadows, Oktobre Guard, Juggler Assets with extreme prejudice.

His first Commander Armor would reflect his bloody tribute to Cobra.

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