Entire Figure: Beachhead v9
Gun: Some weapons lot. Not even sure if it's a Joe weapon or a Lanard Corps weapon, or something else entirely
Paint used: Mr. Hobby Green Acrysion (arms), Mr. Hobby GX Metal Yellow (armor), Mr. Hobby Cream Yellow Acrysion (mask)

For some missions, Kamakura hangs up his green shinobi-shozoku and sheathes his sword, and instead takes a more contemporary approach to combat. While his Arashikage training still comes in handy in stealth situations or close quarters combat, it generally takes a back seat to heavier firearms when in his commando gear.

Let's get this out of the way. I love ninjas. My Joeverse absolutely welcomes ninjas. Kamakura in all his Green Power Ranger glory is an essential character to my Joeverse.

That being said, I also respect Snake Eyes' commando roots, and wanted to pay homage to that.

This was inspired by when I found some old clips of the Valor vs. Venom movie on YouTube, and someone mistakenly referred to Kamakura as Beachhead.

So here's Kamakura taking a page out of his sensei's book from his early days. Since the original inspiration was in reference to the VvV movie, I went for the yellow mask look, and painted the plating on his gloves shiny yellow too.

The body armor is painted a shiny yellow for multiple reasons.
1. A reference to his Rise of Cobra game appearance, where he's all decked out in green and yellow.
2. A slight nod to Sigma 6, where he wears primarily yellow.
3. He's the Green Power Ranger! He needs a gold shield on his chest!

The elbows were painted green as well to match the shirt. Everything else is left as-is because I felt it looked good on its own. A simple repaint, sure, but I like the way it looks.

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