Knockdown, whole shebang

I was in Georgia for a convention and I picked up some Tamiya paint to try out. I normally use Citadel paint, which I like a lot, but I've been aching to use some bright stuff. One can only do olive drab for so long.

The Tamiya worked fairly well. About 3 coats was needed to get everything straight and it was a little frustrating to work with. But, I persevered and the green is here to stay now.

I haven't talked much about Knockdown, but there is a 500 character limit to consider. He's just a basic guy that I recently came to own, by way of a fairly nice MOC example. I picked up this extra and decided to use him as a test bed for two new colors, a weird green from Citadel and the bright green from Tamiya. In this he has succeeded.

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