Head: 25th Flint (Cobra disguise)
Torso, right arm, left shoulder, thighs, pistol: ROC Reactive Armor Duke
Left Arm: Star Wars HK-50 Build-A-Droid
Lower legs, feet: 25th Firefly
Backpack: Resolute Cobra Trooper
Webgear: 25ht Greenshirt
Bullpup: POC Dusty

I thought the Sigma Six version of Lt. Stone was a cool design with a lot of potential. I also like the reactive armor and thought it would make a good base for him. As for being a master of disguise, I was less interested in that aspect of the character. The Droid arm has some great details though I'd like to make a few more Lt. Stones with different robotic arms, maybe I'll use an Iron Man arm next.

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