Head - POTC Will Turner fused to a modern Airtight head, jammed up inside a Generator Rex helmet.

Body - Iron Man 2 Drone, modded and painted

Hands - Chap Mei.

Many legends had developed over the years as to Sputnik's origin. Some legends hold that he was literally a child of old Earth's Soviet Sputnik program. A human merged to machine who has traversed space for the eons since. Only the simple minded believed that to be true. The most prevalent theory was that the human part of Sputnik took this shape as a drastic medical/cybernetic response to an unspecified death defying accident or injury. The reality, it seems, was even more absurd. Sputnik, at least according to his own account, did this to himself. why? Because he merely wanted an upgrade.

Whichever combination of those reasons held true, the current reality is that the man who became Sputnik went from an average human life, working an average human job, to becoming one of the most feared hunters on the fringe, if not all of space itself. With his (ahem) sidekick and pilot Josephus Michaelangelo LXX, they have torn a path from one Fringe world to the next in search of glory and bounties. Here at Joe's Cantina is where they blow most of their hard-earned credits.


For many years I had promised our beloved JC member of the same name as this character a "role" in my EXCAL story. As my creative energy began to push towards my original science fiction verse, I decided Sputters would be a better fit there.

That decision sparked a largely impromptu project to incorporate other members, and make a little comedy-drama of sorts as a sub story within my larger verse. The over-arching story might be called Tales From The Fringe...but the action has all taken place centered around a place we have come to love, called Joe's Cantina.

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