Figure: BBI Perfect Body Hispanic version
Hasbro Desert Pebble Print Jacket, dyed to darker tan with BBI insignia
Hasbro G.I. Joe Weapon Tech 550/551 rifle
Hasbro patrol cap, painted green
Adventure Gear black t-shirt
21st Century Toys Vietnam era cargo pants and web gear and modern boots
Dragon grenades
Resin castings of 21st Century Toys rifle and pistol pouches
Resin castings of scratch built 40mm grenade pouches
Various parts from unknown manufactures
Sock (tops) cut from child sized knit gloves

Okay, she might not resemble classic Lady Jaye too much, but I was inspired to create this figure after seeing Adrianna Palicki in early promotional posters for G.I. Joe: Retaliation. I had tried using this figure in other projects unsuccessfully but once I started to look at her from a G.I. Joe team member perspective, the creative process took on a life of its own. G. I. Joe: Real American Hero figures don't often conform to traditional military styles so, while I used military gear, I tried to mix it up a bit to give her a cinematic appearance.
I customized several items both for function and form. I cut the figure's hair using a method I found online for cutting doll hair. I dyed the jacket in weak tan to darken it and I added tan Velcro squares for attaching the U.S. Flag insignia. These flags came from BBI sticker sheets and were glued to corresponding Velcro squares. The sock tops were added to help keep the somewhat too short pant legs from coming out of the boots. For her gear, I upgraded the old style belt buckle with a modern one and I made resin castings of various ammo pouches which work well with her weapons.
I hope you enjoy my interpretation of Lady Jaye. Now I just need to dig out and dust off Flint.

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