Padme head/Helix Hair
Slayer Cast torso
Arms: Darth Talon, with elbow articulation added
Legs: Upper, Marvel; Lower Dr. Rex ROC (Knees from Snake Eyes).
Swords: Prince of Persia

This is another original character I have carted over from EXCAL verse, this time more literally so. The change isn't just to the back-story though, as over 50% of the figure has also been swapped or altered.

I also decided that code-names don't really work in my science fiction universe the way they did for EXCAL. So while she is still Sophia Dante (now Lady Sophia, since the Paladin title is a formal thing), I no longer call her Hellfire directly. That said, I think it should be the name of the starship she uses to travel the galaxy enforcing the King's will.

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