Jakks Pacific Link-head, shield, sword, sheath
Renegades Tunnel Rat-hands
Renegades Cobra Commander-legs
ROC Storm Shadow-body

This was made for the PHX Customs project Retro Toy Chest.

Since 1986, Zelda has pretty much been a mainstay in the video game realm. While it did not always have a toy presence, it still brings back feelings of nostalgia to think of exploring Hyrule and saving Princess Zelda. I spent hours playing Zelda on the original Nintendo system and must admit I never beat it. Ocarina of Time came later (which I did beat several times) and is now what comes to mind for me when I think of Zelda. This Link figure was based on that version and the VAMP was just a fun way to tie GI Joe into this project. It's a what if....what if Epona was a VAMP?

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