Head (Leatherneck), Body (Leatherneck), Hands (bbi Elite Force), Load Bearing Equipment (UBP Short-Fuze), Ammunition Pouches (bbi Elite Force), M16/M203 (Leatherneck), Rifle Magazine (Marauder, Inc.).

This is an "improvement" of Leatherneck so that he'd fit in with the other team members in an upcoming diorama. First, I removed the stupid Dreadnok belt he came with. Then, I dremelled off the idiotic shoulder armor (this is NOT Thunderdome!). I decided to use a bit of Super Sculpey to actually sculpt him some decent body armor. I have always hated the wrists on these arms, so I replaced the hands with the gloved hands from a bbi Elite Force Marine. To keep the articulation, I actually trimmed the studs from the old hands and glued them on the new ones. Then, I repainted all of the brown areas (straps, boots, holster, gloves, etc) using a slightly different color than his uniform. I cut the existing Vietnam-era magazine off the rifle and replaced it with a modern 30-round magazine. Finally, the entire figure was given a light coating of Testors Dull-Cote

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