ROC Destro - Base figure with torso shortening and sculpting
25th Comic Pack Shipwreck - Legs
Star Wars Talon Karrde - Head
ARAH Countdown Helmet - Viper Mask

Another "must have" classic cartoon villain for me, Miles really became necessary once Hasbro surprised us with Matt Tracker in the 25th line.

There are some amazing M.A.S.K. customs out there covering a lot of characters, but I think I'm going to stop at Miles, though I may eventually add Vanessa Warfield if he gets too lonely on the shelf.

I'm quite pleased with the build and look I achieved with him, he's stocky without being very fat. The eyes have a bit more cartoon or anime look then I'd intended, but I've come to really like them.

Originally, I just had the shortened Destro torso, but forced myself to go back and try some detail sculpting for once. Really glad I braved the attempt as the results made me quite happy.

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