Head: Crankcase '85
Torso: B.A.A.T. '93
Upper arms: B.A.A.T. '93
Lower arms: Rock 'n Roll '93 + Sci-Fi '86 backpack + Whirlwind '83 Twin Battle Gun ends
Legs: Persuader '87 cannon, Ryu '93 legs + F.A.N.G. '82 rocket piece

Helmet: bottle cap from some styling gel

This was my winning entry for the NJC #63: Like a Boss!

Hitler in his robotic suit, Mecha-Hitler, gave me the chance to do something useful with those ugly Star Brigade figures. Crankcase's head looked very similar to Hitler so it was pretty obvious to use that head. I only had to make the 'stache a little smaller.

The legs were the biggest challenge since I wanted to make them work like any normal G.I.Joe figure. I took a pair of Ryu legs and cut them into pieces so they would fit into the Persuader cannon legs. I wasn't disappointed by the result at all, now I could pose Mecha-Hitler as if he is walking, kneeling or standing.

The main colour was a bit strange, it took me quite some paint to mix-up and finally get that strange blue-ish colour. I did make a few adjustments, painted some more details red and did some dry-brushing, otherwise he would look a bit boring.

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