Head: Resolute Roadblock
Torso, upper arms: 25A Iron Grenadier
Lower Arms: ROC Storm Shadow
Legs, gearbelt: Resolute Snake-Eyes
Helmet: Accelerator Suit Ripcord?


There have been so many well done Miles Mayhem figures that it was difficult to see a reason to try making one. Most of the customs feature mixing the upper body of the ROC Destro with the lower body of ROC Cobra Commander. A great recipe that captures the look of the original figure, but it's been overdone by now. Instead, I drew from the 2nd version of Miles Mayhem. It came with the forgettable Buzzard vehicle. The costume design features a more flamboyant/more armored uniform than the dress uniform.

Additionally, this is a younger and leaner version of Miles Mayhem then what is seen normally. The intense scowl and bushy eyebrows of the Roadblock head made for a good start for the Miles Mayhem head.

For the helmet (yes, I finally gave a mask to one of my MASK customs!) I went with the Accelerator suit helmet, but following the Switchblade Miles Mayhem version one's mask color scheme.

Colors & Painting:

I tried to stay close to the colors of the Buzzard uniform Miles Mayhem- even keeping the gold kneepads.

Sculpting & Modifying:

I added the hair to the bald Roadlock head. I drilled holes for the aiguillette, which is custom-made.

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