head - Scoop v1

arms left - Sparta(brazillian cover girl)
hand - S.O.S comandos (modified)

right upper amr- Tigor(brazillian)
Lower arm - Johnny quest figure (modified)

torso - bootleg without o-ring(modified)

wais - guile rock trooper (movie edition)

legs: right leg - upper - booteg without o-ring (modified with o-ring)
lower - scoop

left leg - right leg of johnny quest figure (modified...cut/left..)

I had the idea of doing Mike Power after seeing the customs of the Adventure Team.

I had transparent parts from a Johnny Quest figure and I took the first step by chopping it up.

I used really bad parts...as you can see in the photos.

The head was modified a bit with the hair and the scar. The torso was shaved. I changed the upper arms and for
the left lower arm. I also changed the right hand. The waist was slightly modified with epoxy and the legs were 100% modified.

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