Head: Asajj Ventress + ROC Rex Hair
Body = ROC Baroness
Right Arm = Willrow Hood BAF
Advice = Chief

This all came about from the BAF robot arm that came with the Ice Cream Maker guy from Star Wars. I've long been a fan of Misty Knight (as part of Heroes for Hire, Iron Fist's girlfriend, and as a Daughter(s) of the Dragon.)

I feel like this is just my Version 1 figure. I intend to make a larger buck version, and do a newly sculpted hairdo, following her 'split' afro look from the latest comics. This figure is also a little shorter than I think she should be to fit well within my 'verse.

This custom was the first time I'd used acetone mixed with my basecoat (red) paint to try and get it to adhere better. I was afraid that over time, this would soften the plastic, or leave it tacky - but after a year, I've still had no issues with it.

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